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New Year’s Day Meal. For luck and money.

New Year’s Day Meal. For luck and money. Truly a Southern tradition. Our family New Year’s Day meal will typically include some kind of pork for prosperity, cabbage or leafy greens for money, black-eyed peas seasoned with pork or ham for luck and wealth, and of course, cooked spiced apples just because it goes so well with the meal. It’s a tradition that I look forward to every year.

Try making a pork crown roast that is smoked in an electric smoker, serve with pan seared cabbage and beeps (black-eyed peas) on the side. You can get as fancy as you want!

Sauté some kale with bacon and toasted sesame seeds. Add a little whole grain mustard and apple cider vinegar for that extra kick!

Turnip or collard greens will do just fine too!

You can also make everything into one pot like this Ham ‘n Beans and Greens Soup! Oh so yummy!

Don’t forget to make your favorite cornbread to go along with your meal. Cornbread is golden!  These Cornbread muffins stuffed with little sausages are on point!  Use your pre measured boxed corn muffin mix and mix according to directions. Grease muffin tins (or if cast iron muffin pan grease and preheat in a 400 degree oven for 3 minutes). Fill cups halfway with cornbread mix. Add 1/2 cooked sausages. Add another spoonful of cornbread mix to cover sausage. Bake in oven for 15 minutes or until slightly golden brown.

Whatever you choose to make for yourself and/or your family this New Year’s Day, make it from the heart with love. As there are only a few days of this year left, my dear. Then it’s HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you not look back at 2017 with regret and may your 2018 be blessed beyond measure. Cheers!
Love, The Tookes