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“A Message From Cupid”

A Message from Cupid

Shared from the Daughters of the American Revolution, Book of Recipes, Genesee Chapter, Flint, Michigan 1922

In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day and President’s Day Holiday, I stumbled across this wonderful vintage cookbook available online and wanted to share.

I actually was curiously looking for some recipes or ideas of what a typical soldier might have eaten during the war when I found the DAR Cookbook.  And I have two things to say,  #1: Regarding the cookbook…Bravo to those who volunteered their time to digitize the historical cookbook for all of us to read and enjoy.  #2:  Pertaining to the diet of a Revolutionary War Soldier…Be thankful that we do not have to eat what those poor men had to eat during the Revolutionary War.  In my opinion, that alone makes them Patriots to the cause.

According to The Smithsonian Magazine, “mostly preserved meats and flavorless flour cakes”.

“the American soldiers usually received most of their rations, at least in the early days of the war. These included:

1 lb. beef, or 3/4 lb. pork, or 1 lb. salt fish, per day; 1 lb. bread or flour, per day; 3 pints of peas or beans per week, or vegetable equivalent; 1 half pint of rice, one pint of Indian meal, per man, per week; 1 quart of spruce beer or cider per man per day, or nine gallons of molasses, per company of 100 men per week; 3 lbs. of candles to 100 men per week, for guards; 24 lbs. soft, or 8 lbs. hard soap, for 100 men per week.

One unofficial ration was vinegar that made water secured from nearby creeks, rivers, and lakes more potable and added flavor to food. Vinegar’s antiseptic properties also proved beneficial.”

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Here is an example of the cookery of Washington himself from the Smithsonian.  george washingtons personal camp chest

” George Washington’s well-appointed personal camp chest, or “mess kit,” enabled him to dine in a manner reflecting his position as commander of the Continental Army. “
Peas, and Beans, and cured meats if they were lucky.  Oh and whisky.  Don’t forget the whisky!  So, I won’t be testing out any Revolutionary War recipes for you , just getting a giggle out of the vintage literature and admiring the sacrifices that those brave men lead by General George Washington made to make these United States of America a reality.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  And Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night

Family Movie Night…An event that is common place in our home and something that the kids look forward to.  Even our three year old requests it.  You can make your own Family Movie Night fun as well, right in the comfort  of your home!  A simple thing such as setting out a creative array of movie snacks and cold beverages makes it just like going to the theater.  Only better.  There are so many great movies available to stream and watch on the television, why not hang out and enjoy family time together on the couch?

(We chose these items: Freshly made popcorn, Chex Party Mix, The Perfect Brownies, Mixed Nuts, and Sodas or Waters.  You choose your favorites and most importantly, enjoy your Family Movie Night!)