Need some last minute Halloween Feast ideas?

Need some last minute Halloween Feast ideas? Here are a few from our Halloween Feast Ideas over the past several years. We all wonder, what we will feed the kids Halloween night because, well, let’s face it, after the mad rush of getting everyone home, dressed and painted up…making dinner is probably the last thing on your mind.  And at our house, we have made it an excuse to have a themed meal…no matter what the day of the week the holiday falls. Everyone gets into the spirit and has a blast spending time together as a family.

Something as simple as making your favorite recipe meatloaf, with lots of shaping and a little pancetta, transforms and average meatloaf into a Zombie Head Meatloaf. Complete with mozzarella and olive eyes and almonds for teeth. Throw some baby seasoned potatoes in with it. And you have a complete meal!

Zombie head meatloaf

Decorate your dining table with spooky candles and yummy goodies for your family and/or guests to nibble on during the evening. How about some Breadstick Lady Fingers adorned with red colored almond slivers (almond slivers shaken in a plastic bag with some red food coloring) or Easy Carmel Apples?

Lady fingers and carmel apples

Everyone is sure to love Jack when he visits. That’s Jack-O-Lantern Rice Krispie Treat. Anyone can make Rice Krispie treats. The recipe is right on their cereal box. All you will need to add to the melted marshmallow is some yellow and red food coloring until the mallow becomes the perfect shade of orange. Blend it with the cereal according to the directions. Press firmly into a greased jack-o-lantern cake pan. Allow to cool in the fridge to firm up. Flip out onto a platter and add festive candies.


Spooky Cupcakes. These candied fingers, axes, and eyeballs were made by Wilton. Just bake your favorite cupcake recipe. Add coloring to white icing. Pile on the embellishments and add a little red gel coloring…and you have a creepy cup cake the kids will gobble up!

Halloween cupcakes

Worms IN DIRT: Chocolate Jell-O pudding with chocolate sprinkles and giant gummy worms in tiny mason jars. You can add a little candy corn pumpkin too! We added cute little treat bags with individual novelty sodas, glow sticks and candy. Such a hit!

Worms in dirt

BOO! Barbarian Pretzels with Pimento Cheese. Buy a bag of any old brand large-sized pretzels and your favorite cheese spread. Your hungry little ones can dip and go!

Bavarian pretzels and pimento cheese

The ideas are endless, honestly. Some other things that are quick and easy to prepare but when you give them funny names, it makes ordinary much more fun…like…Grilled Chicken wings can be Dracula’s Bat Wings, Spaghetti served in a cast iron Dutch oven can now be Blood and Guts…regular deviled eggs…can be D-Evil Eggs!…HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween, my lovelies.

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