Get ready, get set, get to stocking and organizing those pantries!

Get ready, get set, get to stocking and organizing those pantries!
It’s time to get those pantries in order guys and dolls. With the kiddos getting ready to go back to school in about a month, now is the time to prepare. Being organized is a fantastic time saver. And we all know how precious our time is!
Here is a snip-it of the pantries at Meal Marmalade (about half of them because the other cabinets also store extra dishes and small kitchen appliances). And due to the fact that the house that we live in, does NOT have adequate pantry or storage space…I have had to get creative with how I store foods. The Container Store has been my go-to-organizer friend as well as Thrive Life.  Thrive Life is where I have found some amazing can rotators for canned good storage. They are perfect because you can build them to suit your can sizes and available pantry space.
Meal Marmalade Pantry
Because my space is limited for storage, the most used items are stored within reach in the kitchen area.  The “extra” stuff gets stored in the around-the-corner-cabinets.  The Container store offers some amazing ideas for food storage and organization. I was able to find these wonderful containers…on wheels… for dry goods.  Ok, they actually are for “pet food” storage but I repurposed them for our needs. We have four of the smaller ones and one larger one. The large container we use for rice storage. The smaller containers are used to store flour, specialty flours, sugars, pastas. They are great because you can roll them into a closet  or laundry room close by to get them out of the way.PetFoodContainersBoth_x
To get started:
 First take inventory of what you have. Second, get out a pen and paper…or just print out the handy pre-made check lists that some of these sites have. Third, go easy on yourself. Fourth, buy what is useful to you and your household. Fifth, get organized. And finally…have fun doing it! 🙂
Here are some great resources that I would like to share to get you inspired and on your way to having a successfully stocked and organized kitchen pantry.
Happy Stocking!

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