Tropical fruit

Tropical Fruit

Are you a fruit and vegetable lover? Admittedly, I am. And thankfully my children are too. While at the grocery store today I noticed that many of their tropical fruits in stock were on sale because they happen to be in season. I found myself asking our three year old if he had ever tried…a Pineapple? A Plantain? How about a Coconut? Or a Kiwi? Of course he has tried some of them already but was unable to recognize them with their skins on and in their un-prepared state. So, we decided to purchase a few of these tropical fruits and “try them”.  Peel those mangos and kiwis. Fry up a plantain. Scoop out the sweet flesh of a honeydew melon. Crack open that coconut and see the milk inside.  Our three year old is developing quite the diverse palate, which I am extremely proud to say, because he has no preconceived ideas about foods.

The world becomes a much more interesting place when you are willing to experience things (foods) that you would normally not get to just because you are willing to try.   What unusual foods have you ever tried…???

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