Food for the Soul

Red Peas and gravy

One Sunday morning, my hubby and I were watching the television while leisurely drinking our coffee and we stumbled upon a culinary program that featured the story of Anson Mills and sustainable crops, etc.  So later on I took the time to look them up online and was so impressed by what I had seen that I immediately ordered my own selection of their products to try out.  I am such a fan of the taste and freshness of their peas, flours, and grains that I just felt so inclined to tell you about them too.

Anson Mills Red Peas & Gravy with Carolina Gold Rice served with Blue Corn Muffins are truly food for the soul.
Heirloom grains and sustainable rice crops. They have a unique philosophy regarding agriculture in America and the products that they produce are a favorite of mine. Check them out sometime.

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